Traditional Radio Plans

Digital Made Easy for Traditional Radio!

For our Traditional Radio Partners we offer all inclusive services that allow you to monetize digital and over the air inventory. Grow your local inventory availability while partnering with the fastest growing Digital Network in America. Just a few of our features:

  • State of the art digital streaming on a multi-redundant network.
  • Programmatic Digital Ad Share.
  • Monetize out of network inventory.
  • Normalized audio ad insertion pre-roll and in stream.
  • Video Advertising in player.
  • HTML5 player with monetized landing page.
  • National programming blackout capability.
  • Digital streaming server.
  • Full statistics and Ad monitor.
  • Player background take over.
  • Landing page take over.
  • Website monetizing.
  • Rotating featured ad in the Oi2 mobile app and set top  boxes.
  • Custom Mobile Apps.

These are just a few of the advantages we offer our Traditional Radio clients. We offer many ways for you to share revenue with us and generate new revenue for your station or network. Our server network is state of the art allowing us to boast some of the BEST redundancy available on the market.

Other tools we offer include web hosting and design, full service production studios for audio and video, social media integration, CaraScan technology with never seen listening experience analysis, National Advertising Sales and Marketing and expanded network insertion capabilities.

The benefits to you are too numerous to explain on a web page. Contact us today and one of our expert account managers will call to discuss the ways we can help. Our package plans start at only $69.95 per month.

Follow this link for a live streaming example with monetized player . We will customize the player with your logo and social media links. The landing page will be redesigned for your look and feel. The Digital Revolution is only a call away. Why use companies with little or no traditional experience when you can hire a company of experts in traditional and Digital Radio?

It works for Pure Play and it can work for you!